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Cellum: the unstoppable explosion of mobile payments has started

As forecasts indicate, the world is ready for the explosive growth of mobile payments. The percentage of year-on-year increase – both in transaction numbers and total number of users – could reach 3 digits, as was mentioned at the press conference of leading European m-payment developer Cellum.

In recent years, a clear trend has emerged: traditional financial services migrate to mobile phones, therefore mobile payments and m-commerce are in the forefront of development – said Cellum Group‘s CEO János Kóka. He pointed out that in international comparisons, Cellum’s products combine the best security with a client-centered approach, and cover all segments of mobile commerce.

The growth of the market – both in terms of transaction numbers and the total number of users – will reach a 3-digit number each year. By 2015, 75 percent of mobile payment transactions will be carried out in Europe and North America, and by 2017 sales through mobile payments will be up to 90 billion dollars.

Experienced and secure

Kóka noted that Cellum is fully PCI-DSS compliant, which ensures the highest level of security when handling bank card data. This is one of the group’s biggest advantages over its competitors on the market, being a unique guarantee of quality. The company’s flagship product, MasterCard Mobile mobile payment services represent this extreme level of security, with more than 80.000 people having downloaded the app. He also reminded that the company group had been developing “traditional” mobile payment services as well (e.g. parking and lottery via carrier billing), used by hundreds of thousands. Hence Cellum handles 1.2 million transactions per month – 1.4 million people had used their services in Hungary.

Doors are open to foreign markets

Cellum is expanding internationally: it recently set up subsidiaries in Austria, Bulgaria, and Albania, and opened offices in New York and Jakarta, and many other markets and significant projects are on the way. Kóka also revealed that in the near future, Cellum will become the regional supplier of two major banking groups, and further technological developments, like mobile POS terminals and loyalty solutions, are also coming soon.