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Bill payments are migrating to mobile channels

A fresh study proves that consumer bill payments are quickly moving to mobile platforms. A good example is Hungary, where already thousands of people pay their bills with their smartphones.

okostelefonmobilhasznaloMoney transfer specialist The Western Union Company released a fresh study of how consumers pay their bills: to no surprise, the use of mobile bill payment is on the rise. In the U.S. 12 percent of respondents said they intended to pay more bills from their mobile devices, while 39 percent said they would pay more bills online in 2013. 14 percent of respondents said they plan to make a payment on their mobile devices in the next six months.

Consumers are increasingly looking for new ways to manage their bills, which points to the need for continued innovation by service providers across the payments industry,” said David Shapiro, senior vice president of payments at Western Union. “Less than one-third of payments occur via non-electronic channels, and consumers continue to use a mix of payment methods that provide enhanced choice, flexibility, control and convenience around their lifestyles and cash flow,” he added.

Cellum sees similar tendencies among its own user base: one of the most popular functions in the MasterCard Mobile wallet app, developed by Cellum, is settling postpaid phone bills. To date, the app has been downloaded by 60 thousand users.