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Canadian drivers can pay for gas with new mobile app

Hughes Petroleum, a chain of gas stations in Alberta, Canada launched a new mobile payment processing application. The app is linked to customers’ debit and credit cards, allowing them to pay for their gas without ever having to leave the comfort of their car (in winter, -34 °C is not a rare occurence). Considering the typically frigid temperatures in that part of the country, this new app could prove to be a huge boon among Hughes Petroleum customers.

You get to stay in your car a little longer in the cold weather,” Darren Hughes, an official with the Edmonton-based retail and wholesale fuel distributor, told the Edmonton Journal. “You can authorize the pump in your phone while you’re sitting in your car and then the pump’s ready to go and you just jump right out and it’s good to start filling. Everyone’s selling gas and no one seems to have their favorite gas, so it’s every little edge you can get. Some people offer Air Miles, some people offer points. We offer a discount and now we offer this.

Source: edmontonjournal.comThe application is available for free download to all customers with iPhones or Android smartphones. While they still have to get out of their car to pump their gas, they will no longer have to swipe debit cards and credit cards in the cold or have to run into the gas station.

The company plans to slowly and steadily roll out the service to all 22 locations in the Edmonton region.

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