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220 McDonald’s restaurants go mobile in Sweden

Guests at McDonald’s Sweden restaurants will be able to pay with their mobile telephones via a mobile payment solution.

In summer 2012, a pilot project was launched at four McDonald’s restaurants in the Stockholm area. The pilot project was successful and, under the new agreement, mobile payments will be introduced at McDonald’s restaurants in Sweden choosing to connect to the SEQR mobile payment system of Seamless, a provider of payment solutions for mobile phones. The objective is that most restaurants will offer mobile payments before the summer. McDonald’s has approximately 220 restaurants throughout the country. This means that guests at McDonald’s will be able to pay quickly and conveniently via their mobiles.

mcdonaldsThe SEQR wallet allows customers to pay at the point of sale by scanning a QR code with their smartphones and having the funds drawn from their credit or debit card accounts. Each cash register that accepts SEQR as a payment option has cashier integration and a unique code that together with a transaction platform make it possible to send the amount to pay directly to the customer’s mobile phone for authorization. The authorized amount is then charged to the customer’s card. Seamless’ platform then responds with a copy of the receipt.