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Thousands of Hungarian businesses get mobile billing option

MasterCard Mobile, Hungary’s largest mobile payment scheme recently announced an interesting new feature: thousands of businesses – even the smallest ones – can now issue mobile payment-ready bills.

Thanks to the cooperation between MasterCard Mobile and e-billing provider Számlázz.hu, thousands of enterprises can immediately start issuing invoices that can be paid through the MasterCard Mobile app without any need for development, simply by including a QR code on the printed invoice.

MasterCard Mobile, developed by mobile wallet provider Cellum, is Hungary’s first mobile wallet app, which turns smartphones into virtual wallets, and offers a fast, convenient and secure way for mobile payments. So far, the app has been downloaded by over 100,000 users of Android, iPhone and Windows Phone devices. One of the app’s most popular functions is the option to settle bills by scanning a QR code.

The cooperation concerns some 7,000 businesses – merchants of all sizes and types – who can now all take advantage of the mobile payment technology developed by Cellum. Számlázz.hu allows merchants to roll out the new payment option without any development. The announcement indicates a milestone in the world of mobile payments, as thousands of businesses can instantly join the MasterCard Mobile scheme at virtually no cost.