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Mobile donation (Case Study)

The key to an efficient fundraising campaign is to harness the element of impulse and allow prospective donors to make a transaction right when they are exposed to a call to action. Cellum’s mobile payment technology offers a solution for immediate transactions, which is why more and more charitable organizations are using it to raise money.

M-donation case study preview

Click here to download Cellum’s case study

Cellum has recently published a case study about the solution, which can be downloaded here. The study gives details of how some prominent charities are taking advantage of the technology and also explains the main lessons learned from live operation thus far.

More and more companies join us to use the power of impulse, the message of ‘donate now’ in their fundraising campaigns. The power of the method lies here: you see the ad, grab your phone and you can send money right away to, for example, save premature infants or any other charitable cause. There’s no need to look for a bank account number and then enter it in your online banking interface, or write a check. You can donate in a fast, convenient and safe way the minute you see the ad,” says Balázs Inotay, Cellum’s Director of Strategy, adding: “Many countries have a great tradition of supporting charity organizations and political parties, but as far as we know, Cellum’s QR code-based solution runs completely unparalleled. We are currently conducting negotiations with organizations in Europe, Asia and in the US about the introduction of m-donation.


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