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Mobile payments in Budapest taxis (Case Study)

The option for mobile payments using QR codes, based on Cellum’s technology, has recently been made available in the cars of one of Budapest’s largest taxi companies. The technology is simple: the passenger scans the driver’s unique code, enters the fare into the app and initiates the transaction, after which the driver receives the confirmation of payment through a POS terminal or in a text message. Budapest’s Tele5 Taxi already has 700 cars in which mobile payments have been available since the summer of 2012.

RT5 Taxi case study

Click here to download Cellum’s case study

Cellum just released a case study detailing the solution at work. Besides examining the benefits for each party in the ecosystem, the study also looks at the lessons learned from live operation thus far. A unique insight into a unique service, the case study can be downloaded here.

One of the biggest questions is how we can get to the point where passengers use their smartphones for paying in a taxi. The key is to get them to know, understand and trust this method of payment. People have to be educated to think mobile payments. It is crucial for the customer to know the benefits of using it”, says Cellum’s Director of Strategy Balázs Inotay.


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