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Businesses eager to adopt mobile bill payment

Two months ago we announced a new initiative in Hungary: the cooperation between MasterCard Mobile and leading e-billing site Számlázz.hu has allowed thousands of business – even the smallest enterprises – to issue mobile payment-ready bills. This meant that the users of the largest Hungarian mobile payment scheme got the possibility to pay for their services quickly and easily.

The option to include a MasterCard Mobile-compatible QR code on – an thus enable the mobile payment of – invoices has been made available to almost 8,000 businesses of all sizes and types. The optoin requires no additional development or investment from the enterprises. Besides implementing banking-grade security for the protection of customer data, another advantage of the solution is that merchants get instant feedback about each transaction.

Quick Response Codes
MasterCard Mobile’s reception is clearly positive: every day dozens of businesses join the scheme. The technology was designed to be highly flexible and scalable, so that it can meet the needs of merchants of all sizes. To pay a bill, users simply scan a QR code with their smartphone’s camera, and the app pulls all necessary transaction data from the code. Each transaction needs to be approved by the user by entering a secret password.

The service also works well in medium and large enterprise environments: companies’ internal procedures often separate the approval of invoices from paying them per se. For example, when a company registers for a conference, the person attending may not be the same person who has permission to use the company’s credit card to settle the invoice. Cellum’s technology in this instance would allow a staff member to order the service online and the manager to approve the payment on a corporate smartphone running Cellum’s wallet app.