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Mobile payments making the summer vacation even more enjoyable

Summer is here and much of the world is preparing for their well-deserved vacation. No matter what destination one chooses, from the hot sandy beaches of Spain to the cooler but exciting mountains of Austria or the teeming cities of the UK, there is a mobile payment option virtually everywhere.

In the heart of Europe, more and more travel service providers have started offering mobile payments to their customers – not least because of the approaching summer vacation rush.

In Hungary, the Cellum-developed MasterCard Mobile app allows travelers to pay for a range of travel-related goods and services, such as hotel reservations, flight tickets, car rental or taxi rides, and even travel insurance. According to our sources, the most popular commodities payed for with MasterCard Mobile in this area are international travel insurances, last minute holidays, weekend programs and airport parking services.

Cellum’s technology offers a number of benefits to users. One of these is the ability to make purchases on-the-go, i.e. for example while sitting on the bus. Another benefit, which might not be so apparent, but is certainly no less important, is enhanced security. Cellum’s mobile wallet technology uses an advanced encryption method that withholds sensitive customer data from merchants, and requires the user to expressly authorize every single transaction by entering a PIN. The result of all this is over a hundred thousand app downloads and zero fraudulent transactions.

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