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Looking back on a breakout year for mobile payments


We will soon be taking a forward look at what 2014 may bring for the world of mobile payments. But whatever happens this year, 2013 will certainly go down as a time of enormous growth and dynamism in the industry. Here were some of the highlights:

Global mobile payment transactions forecast to hit $1 trillion
Research service Heavy Reading Mobile Networks Insider predicted that by 2015 mobile payments will surpass $1 trillion annually, with merchants rather than consumers largely driving demand.

Bitcoin is a thing, and it goes mobile
Enormous interest in most popular “cryptocurrency” led to a number of mobile apps for trading bitcoin, underscoring the growing importance of mobile payments in general.

Celum shows Sofia Metro the way to QR code ticketing
Video demonstration of new technology for purchasing and using e-tickets via mobile phones part of long-term agreement between Cellum and transit authority of Bulgarian capital.

Samsung Wallet goes head to head with Apple Passbook
iPhone New mobile wallet application that allows users to store virtual event tickets, coupons, membership cards and boarding passes on their Samsung devices.

World hits peak QR code hate
Just in time for a book on marketing and customer relations to be jokingly named QR Codes Kill Kittens “quick response” machine-readable labels begin to appear unstoppable.

Cautious Indians gravitate towards mobile payments
Consumers in world’s second-largest country have been wild about mobile phones for some time, but it wasn’t until 2013 that they really started to pay attention to mobile payments.

European Central Bank initiative highlights mobile payment security
Move by the monetary authorities in the world’s largest trading block underscored growing use of m-payment services by individuals and businesses in Europe and beyond.

Outlook remains hazy for NFC
With the release by Apple of yet another iPhone without support for near field communication applications, we unpacked the controversy and confusion over NFC.

Mobile payment systems show promise for “unbanked billions”
New studies by the African Development Bank and others show spectacular increases in the number of people in poor countries who have mobile phones, and in many cases who are using them in place of traditional banking services.

Cellum-Anabatic deal brings mobile wallets to Indonesia
First-ever transaction for Cellum in Asia to allow tens of millions of users to make mobile payments for public transport, food delivery as well as numerous financial services use cases.