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The what, how and where of NFC, BLE and QR (Infographic)

cellum-infographic-featured-imageThe growing use of mobile payments in every type of retail setting makes it easy to see why both consumers and companies are joining the party. Yet the technology behind mobile payments may not be so easy to grasp.

This infographic, which was created by leading mobile payment solution developer Cellum, helps to demystify three of the key technologies used in facilitating mobile payments: BLE beacons, NFC tags, and QR codes.

Among other issues covered are the top use cases of BLE, NFC and QR in the mobile payments arena, and the pros and cons associated with the three. What are the power needs and range limitations of each technology? Which has the biggest coverage radius? Which require dedicated hardware and operating systems? Which involve licensing fees? Which can be impacted by the weather?

For the answers to these and other questions, click here to download the full infographic on Cellum’s website.