A quick taxi ride with BLE and Cellum (VIDEO)

If you just went by today’s headlines, you might think that the only technological revolution involving taxis and smartphones is Uber, the rideshare service which allows consumers to call and pay for a taxi using an app.

But beyond Uber and its various competitors – which in recent months have run into major legal problems in numerous cities around the world – is another, equally-powerful development involving Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)-initiated mobile payments.

Back in July we took you on a quick video pitstop at a filling station to demonstrate how Cellum’s cloud wallet technology uses BLE and “geofencing” to offer a speedy, seamless and secure payment experience at the pump.

The video embedded above does the same for the taxi use case, in which a BLE “beacon” housed in the taxi is used to initiate a payment by the passenger to the driver or taxi company – independent of any ride-sharing service like Uber, and more securely than with cash or traditional cards. Next stop – anywhere.

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