A quick bite out with BLE and Cellum (VIDEO)

In the last of our three part video series examining how Cellum is using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to make mobile payments speedier and more convenient, we turn to one of the most compelling such use cases: Restaurant bill settlement.

As outlined in this earlier post focusing on BLE, one of the standout benefits of BLE beacons is the ability it gives users to initiate payments without scanning any codes or being in “wave” or “bump” distance of a physical payment terminal. This means that patrons can settle a bill by simply opening a payment app on their phones and confirming (or modifying) payment details for a bill generated by the restaurant.

In addition to freeing the customer from having to wait for a server to bring a check (and then, in many cases, for the waiter to process a card payment) such transactions are more secure than traditional card transactions, as restaurants are among the most common locations for card data breaches. Mobile payments of this sort also offer many benefits to restaurants, which you can read about here.

As befitting the topic, the video is short, so after you are done watching it, you will have plenty of time to watch our equally brief video demonstrations of BLE in action in a taxi and at the filling station.