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Cellum bill payment service advances to final round of Citi Mobile Challenge

citi challenge

Among all the competitions and awards in the mobile payment and banking space, the Citi Mobile Challenge stands out as especially hard-fought and consequential, with entrants vying to create cutting-edge mobile applications for the global financial services group. So Cellum is especially proud to be a finalist in the US leg of the virtual developer challenge, which will culminate next week with events in New York, Silicon Valley and Miami.

Cellum’s entry is a bill payment solution that employs a unique combination of technologies to make the process of paying paper-based utility and other bills as fast, convenient and secure as possible.

The app uses a mobile device’s camera to capture the key details of a physical bill, allowing it to “autocomplete” certain fields without further effort from the user. Once the resulting information is validated, a crisp, straightforward interface allows the customer to choose the desired payment method and confirm the payment. A graphic demonstrating the app’s ease of use is above.

The app offers users a payment method that is easier than traditional bill settlement – which in the US consists of checks and paper stubs – and can be performed anywhere. It is also far more secure than direct-debit and other forms of “automatic” settlement that many consumers remain uneasy with, due to an inability to approve each transaction.

The solution builds on the company’s deep experience in the area of bill payment and OCR, and an unrivalled, 14-year record involving millions of transactions without a single case of fraud. It also benefits from Cellum’s long record of success in helping financial institutions around the world increase their client engagement and merchant account turnover using the latest mobile banking and payment technologies.

Members of the Cellum team will be presenting the app in Miami on November 14th.