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Mobile payment news and views, October 23-November 5

Welcome to the latest installment of our regular look at the top news and views from the world of mobile payments, with items selected because of unique content, or because their source makes them notable. For more headlines and insights on the industry follow us on Twitter @cellum_group.

  • Google Wallet use grows after Apple Pay launch [arstechnica, November 5]
  • Mobile payments competition heats up in the retail space [Mobile Commerce Press, November 5]
  • Mobile payments to boost the big technology stocks [Morningstar UK, November 5]
  • Windows Phone owners can now make mobile payments, via Softcard [Cnet, November 4]
  • What are the anti-Apple Pay merchants afraid of? [Re/code, November 4]
  • Mobile payment services proliferate [Media Post, November 4]
  • Sorry Walmart — NFC and Apple Pay have already won [Forbes, November 4]
  • Mobile payments: Why most shoppers just say no [Fox Business, November 4]
  • For Apple Pay to thrive, small businesses must adopt [Streetfight, November 3]
  • Banks to go to war in mobile payment battle [Techday, November 3]
  • Forget Apple Pay. The master of mobile payments is Starbucks [Wired, November 3]
  • Trouble is brewing in mobile payments [InfoWorld, November 3]
  • In mobile payments war, consumers are a powerful army [USA Today, November 2]
  • Here’s why CurrentC may defeat Apple Pay [Trustev, October 29]
  • Co-operation is crucial in making mobile wallets mainstream [Business Reporter, October 26]
  • Mobile payment misstep: CVS and RiteAid disable NFC, Apple Pay, Google Wallet [Gigaom, October 26]
  • CurrentC is the big retailers’ clunky attempt to kill Apple Pay and credit card fees [TechCrunch, October 25]
  • We tried Apple Pay at a bunch of major retailers in one of New York’s busiest shopping areas — here’s what we found [Business Insider, October 23]