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Cellum-developed app used for UNICEF anti-Ebola campaign

OTPay_QR-frame(UNICEF-ebola)_ENThe potential offered by mobile payments in the area of donations and charity is being tested again, this time as part of a global campaign by UNICEF to provide assistance in West Africa hard hit by the Ebola virus.

The Hungarian branch of UNICEF is using the OTPay mobile wallet app (Android/iOS) developed by Cellum to raise funds for the UN children’s program’s #StopEBOLA initiative, which features a “door-to-door” awareness campaign to promote better hygiene measures, combat preconceptions about the disease, and establish special treatment centers with trained staff and specialized equipment.

UNICEF’s urgent appeal for help is driven by the terrible toll the disease is taking on the approximately 8.5 million children in the most impacted areas, not only due to the direct threat of illness, but also because of the loss of family members and other pillars of support.

In Hungary, concerned citizens are able to contribute to the campaign immediately by using the OTPay app to scan a QR code printed on UNICEF’s materials, or which has been shared online in virtual form like the one pictured above. The campaign follows in the footsteps of similar initiatives involving prominent charities in Hungary and the MasterCard Mobile app, also developed by Cellum.

While Cellum and other supporters of the initiative are only expecting modest results, the objective is to help fund urgent charity projects while at the same time learning how to better harness the spontaneity and other characteristics of mobile payments for charitable purposes. For an earlier case study with more details on how mobile payments can help move money to those most in need, click here.