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Cellum executives at key industry conferences

janosTop executives of Cellum will be on hand for a trio of major events in the US in the coming days and weeks.

Currently, Greg Brinton, CEO of Cellum’s motionQR subsidiary, is attending the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas – known worldwide as a key proving ground for innovators and breakthrough technologies – to network and identify potential partnerships both for Cellum as well as motionQR.

Following this, Jeff McAllister, Cellum’s President for North America & UK, will be on hand January 11th-14th at the National Retail Federation’s annual convention and expo in New York, introducing Cellum’s range of products and services to others at the event widely know as “Retail’s Big Show.”

Finally, Cellum President and CEO János Kóka (above right) will be a speaker at the The Apps Summit, which takes place in Orlando, Florida, on Feb 4-5th. Among other topics Kóka will be providing details of Cellum’s new “Plug & Pay” product, which for the first time will see the company open up its APIs to third-party developers.