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Mobile payment news and views, December 18-January 13

Welcome to a special post-holiday installment of our ongoing look at the top news and views from the world of mobile payments, with items selected because of unique content, or because their source makes them notable. For more headlines and insights on the industry follow us on Twitter @cellum_group.

  • Mobile payments ‘tipping point’ comes in 2015, Deloitte predicts [CBC News, January 13]
  • Alibaba to splash out $500m on Indian mobile payment platform [Retail Week, January 12]
  • Restaurants will soon take any mobile payment at the table [Engaget, January 10]
  • Mobile payments: The outlook for 2015 [Venture Beat, January 10]
  • Nordic countries point the way to cashless societies [Reuters, January 9]
  • Mobile payments are poised to explode this year thanks to mainstream adoption of Apple Pay and similar apps [Business Insider, January 8]
  • 21m UK consumers say they’ll switch banks to access mobile payments [FXMM, January 5]
  • How Apple killed the digital wallet [Mobile Payments Today, January 2]
  • Why new credit cards may fall short on fraud control [Wall Street Journal, January 4]
  • Making change: mobile pay in Africa [Wall Street Journal, January 2]
  • 2015: The “college experimentation” year of mobile payments [Gigaom, December 27]
  • Mobile pay security risk is too large to manage internally [PaymentSource, December 22]
  • Disney World begins accepting mobile payments [Fansided, December 22]
  • Why retailers must (but won’t) succeed in introducing mobile payment systems [TechCrunch, December 20]
  • Starbucks to Square: it’s over [ReadWrite, December 19]