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The easiest way to see how hard it is to make mobile payment apps that actually work

app developers allianceJust before the holidays the Application Developers Alliance offered us a “sneak peek” at a new white paper on guaranteeing user satisfaction with apps that include payment features.

The report, entitled How to Keep Users Happy: Accepting Payments in Your Mobile App, has just been published, and includes many well-thought-out and practical guidelines, as well as useful background on the current state and recent history of the mobile payments space.

But what’s perhaps most striking about the white paper is how even a relatively in-depth examination represents only a fraction of what a team of developers need to know in order to create a world-class app amid a steady proliferation of different solution types. This is especially true when a firm like Cellum moves to tackle fast-growing international markets where certain practices and technologies common in the US – like near field communication (NFC) – are less relevant. Meanwhile, in the digital payments arena it always bears remembering that a user who is “happy” is not necessarily the same thing as a user who is safe.

So while the paper is a valuable resource that developers and their clients should take advantage of, it is also a useful reminder of how hard it is to develop mobile payment systems that make users happy, and how the bar for customer satisfaction in the field is being constantly and inexorably raised.