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New Cellum white paper details solutions to card-on-file threat

ccof previewLast year we published a post arguing that all the attention being paid to the hacking of point-of-sale systems at large US retailers wasn’t being matched by adequate concern for the potentially even more dangerous vulnerabilities inherent in “card-on-file” (CCOF) practices, in which e-commerce merchants retain customers’ credit or debit card credentials between transactions.

Now we can announce the release of a special white paper on the topic. The report offers both a more comprehensive explanation of the threat posed by traditional CCOF systems, as well as details on how mobile payment technologies like Cellum’s patented “Split Secret” solution can free e-commerce firms from this hazard. In addition to lowering IT costs and allowing e-commerce firms to focus on their real business of serving customers, removing the CCOF threat can offer firms financial savings via a “liability shift” that legally puts such transactions in the same category as physical card swipes.

The report is now available on the white paper area of our corporate website.