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Outstanding growth in Cellum’s direct operator billing services

dob transactions

Most companies in the mobile payments space tend to talk a lot about the future, not just because the future of mobile payments looks so promising, but also because they don’t have much experience facilitating actual payments. At Cellum, however, the future is being built on a long track record of proven achievement making mobile payments happen.

One notable area of accomplishment is in Direct Operator Billing (DOB) in Cellum’s “local” market in Hungary, which was launched in 2006 and continues to see outstanding growth in such key use cases as parking and highway toll payment and lottery ticket purchases.

Built on partnerships with the country’s three major carriers (Telenor, Telekom, Vodafone), last year Cellum’s DOB volume surged 22%, with total transactions topping 20 million.

The two main areas for DOB payments – parking fees and highway toll payment – saw growth of 26% and 7.5%, respectively, while Cellum’s market share in both remained above 90%, this despite profound regulatory and structural changes to the market due to the introduction of a new national mobile payment network.

Meanwhile, the firm’s DOB systems are making transactions in a number of more novel settings, such as vending machines that allow mobile subscribers to buy a cup of their favorite Dallmayr coffee with a text message.