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Mobile payment news and views, January 22-February 5

Welcome to the latest installment of our regular look at the top news and views from the world of mobile payments, with items selected because of unique content, or because their source makes them notable. For more headlines and insights on the industry follow us on Twitter @cellum_group.

  • LoopPay could be the secret weapon inside Samsung’s Galaxy S6 [Gigaom, February 3]
  • Facebook’s plans for mobile payments under wraps, but sneak peeks emerge [Payment Week, February 3]
  • Mobile payments and bypassing the person at checkout [MediaPost, February 2]
  • More than one in four web transactions are now mobile [Payment Week, January 31]
  • Almost 2 million sign up to Paym mobile payment service in United Kingdom [Daily Mail, January 31]
  • Democratising finance: mobile phones revolutionise access [Financial Times, January 29]
  • Just how big is the Apple Pay mobile payment pie? [Mashable, January 29]
  • Missouri law may make mobile payments safer and slower [Payment Week, January 29]
  • Spike in fake ID schemes confounds banks’ fraud filters [American Banker, January 27]
  • Turns out Apple Pay can’t solve credit card fraud [Gizmodo, January 26]
  • What Google mobile payment talks with Softcard mean for Apple Pay [Motley Fool, January 26]
  • Technology repaints the payment landscape [Technology Review, January 26]
  • US convenience store chain WaWa launches its own mobile payments app [Pymnts, January 26]
  • Inroads made by Apple Pay propel ‘mobile wallet’ idea [Wall Street Journal, January 25]