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Third-party developers get first crack at Cellum’s API as “Plug and Pay” SDK program announced

cellum_plug_n_pay(zold)App developers who want to include payment capabilities into their apps will soon have a new and uniquely compelling option, following the announcement on Thursday that Cellum is launching an initiative allowing third-party developers to integrate its ultra-secure and frictionless payment system, along with international processing.

The “Plug and Pay” program makes available an SDK that is built on the same core engine powering the cutting-edge mobile wallets Cellum has produced for numerous banks and mobile network operators across the globe

Plug and Pay – which was officially unveiled by Cellum CEO János Kóka at The Apps Summit in Orlando, Florida – marks the first time in the company’s 15-year history that it is opening its API to third-party developers.

In addition to Cellum’s proprietary “Split Secret” method of tokenization and data fragmentation, Plug and Pay offers a PCI-DSS 3 audited backend with RSA and AES encryption, a package that together has produced a record of zero fraudulent transactions. The SDK also includes payment processing in six key international currencies by Cellum’s partner Kalixa – with more to come – allowing app owners to begin accepting payments without a local processor. Finally, it comes along with technical support from Cellum as well as up-to-date, comprehensive documentation.

The program is expected to be fully rolled out by the end of the second quarter of 2015.

For more details on Plug and Pay, visit the program’s microsite here.