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Cellum technology honored in Central Europe’s new innovation capital

In addition to being considered one of the hottest travel destinations on Earth right now, the Hungarian capital of Budapest has in the past few years acquired a reputation as one of Europe’s key startup and tech innovation centers. So it was especially gratifying for Cellum to recently be recognized for its innovation by its “hometown” peers in Budapest.

logo of the Hungarian Association for InnovationThe occasion was the Hungarian Innovation Awards, handed out for the 23rd time by the Hungarian Association for Innovation, a private, non-profit federation of professionals and employers dedicated to furthering innovation in a variety of fields.

Recognized at the event as a “notable innovation” was Cellum’s Mobile Next, an end-to-end remote transaction platform capable of turning any smartphone into a secure virtual wallet.

The association is focused on promoting practical technologies which are profitably applied in real life, a combination that can be somewhat rare in much of today’s tech world, but which is “native” to Cellum Mobile Next following several years of successful commercial deployment. Among the mobile wallets powered by Cellum Mobile Next, four were developed for clients in Hungary: MasterCard Mobile, Erste MobilePay, OTPay, and Telenor’s MyWallet.

Each has involved innovations of its own, from first peer-to-peer money transfers in Hungary (MobilePay) to first wallet developed for a network operator with advanced banking functionality (MyWallet). So while everyone at Cellum is happy to see such innovation get public recognition, such firsts are all in a day’s work.