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The yearly reminder what excellence in payments is really all about

The mobile payments space is currently one of the most fast-moving and wide-open areas of commercial and technical innovation. But on one level it is also among the most constant. Above all, it is about security and peace of mind – for end-user, merchant and every other individual and institution involved in a mobile transaction.

PCI-DSSWe were recently reminded of this when Cellum received a certificate attesting to the successful conclusion of our most recent PCI DSS audit. PCI DSS is the standard for organizations that manage cardholder data associated with the leading global card schemes, such as MasterCard, Visa and American Express, and which in practice serves as a security benchmark for all such transactions. Compliance is checked annually by an independent auditor for companies like Cellum, which handle significant volumes of transactions.

As we outlined last May when we beat most others in the industry to adopt the new and more stringent PCI DSS 3.0 standard, Cellum’s objective is not merely to be in compliance with industry best practices. Instead, such standards represent a floor on which to build card vaults and other payment products that are 100% fraud-proof.

“We have once again reaffirmed our commitment to providing ‘security without compromise’,” said Cellum Group Chief Technical Officer Ádám Horváth. “While most of the industry is still focused on convenience, we understand that when it comes to their personal finances, people more than anything want to feel secure. And this is absolutely our number one priority.”