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paysafecard goes mobile

Cellum’s secure payment engine forms the backbone of Pay-Station, a new application by Cardnet that makes the purchase of paysafecard vouchers easier than ever.

paysafecard is Europe’s most widely used and proven online prepaid payment method. Users can make online payments for games, music and a wide range of other services in thousands of online stores without a bank or credit card, or entering personal information.pay-station-inline

Pay-Station gives users the ability to purchase paysafecard vouchers easily, immediately and securely using their smartphones. Previously, such purchases were limited to physical vouchers offered at selected authorized resellers.

The payment part of the application is powered by Cellum Plug and Pay, the instant payment plugin of Cellum. Security for the transactions is ensured by Cellum’s unique Split Secret card vault technology, which uses tokenization and data fragmentation to manage mobile transactions that are entirely free of fraud and chargebacks. The app offers international processing in euros via Cellum partner Kalixa.

Available for both Android and iOS, the app is being piloted in Austria before being rolled out to the rest of the EU, while Cardnet expands its functions to include further top-up services.