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Cellum takes mobile parking service international

Mobile payments solution provider Cellum is entering the mobile parking space in new countries, having won a tender to modernize mobile parking in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia, thanks to its decade of experience.

Map of SofiaA four-year contract foreseeing the set-up of an SMS-based parking fee payment service was signed a few days ago by the consortium Innovative Parking Solutions 2014, consisting of three firms in the Cellum family (Cellum Global Zrt., Cellum Bulgaria AD and MPP Zrt.), as well as partner companies Infosystems International EOOD and Citizen Society Group AD. With nearly a decade of experience operating a similar system in Hungary, Cellum will contribute to the project its know-how and also provide technical support.

In Hungary we currently process 20 million mobile payments per year, the largest part of which is parking transactions. The system renders unnecessary the use of parking meters and cash, and we all carry our phones in our pockets,” said Cellum Global CEO János Kóka. “After Europe, we’re heading towards Asia with this solution already proven in the Hungarian nation of 10 million and launch in large Asian cities of 10 million,” he added.

Following the initial SMS-based solution, the service will be expanded in the future with card payments via mobile application based on Cellum Mobile Next.

Illustration from Google Maps