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2015 highlights show Cellum’s accelerating ambitions

Back in December of 2014, we published our first year-end review of Cellum’s achievements. And now for the first time we have two such catalogs of deals and other accomplishments to compare against each other. Here are some of the standout moments of Cellum’s 2015, which trump those of the previous year – and which suggest that 2016 will be the company’s best yet.

Probably the most important milestone of 2015 was the launch of “Plug and Pay”, an SDK program that gave third-party developers their first “crack” at Cellum’s API, offering the same core engine powering the mobile wallets the firm has developed for banks and MNOs around the world. Later in the year Cellum expanded Plug & Play’s reach by teaming up with Credorax, the global digital merchant acquiring bank, to include a number of different currencies.

Early in the year the company gave a push to the ongoing MNO financial services revolution, adapting its mobile transaction platform for Telenor’s Wallet app, which offers a range of financial functions.

In late summer Cellum was able to capitalize on its near-decade of experience operating mobile parking systems in Hungary with a four-year contract to help develop and operate a parking system in the Bulgarian capital of Sofia.

The year was also notable for several important breakthroughs in Asia.

In May, the company announced the creation of a new Cellum APAC (Asia-Pacific) regional center in Singapore, a physical expression of the firm’s belief in the region’s key role in the future of mobile payments.

The very next month, we were able to announce that Cellum had been chosen by Indonesia’s largest handset maker to develop and operate a new mobile wallet that will be pre-installed on millions of handsets in the world’s fourth-largest country.

And in October came word that Cellum and its sister company motionQR were named as finalists in the Citi Mobile Challenge APAC, the Asia-Pacific segment of the global financial services giant’s developer program aimed at “reimagining mobile banking.” News of the invitation came just a week after the firm had been asked to participate in the first European installment of Ford Motor Company’s prestigious automotive app challenge.

Aiding the company’s increasingly global orientation was the appointment in October of new COO Ábel Garamhegyi, who brings to the company broad international experience.

Other smaller but still notable highlights included the launch of an optical-scanning feature capable of making card registration a snap, a banner year for cashless payments at European festivals relying on the company’s expertise, and, last but not least, recognition as one of the most innovative firms in one of Europe’s new capitals of innovation.