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Cellum brings MasterPass to Telenor Wallet

Early last year we announced the launch of a mobile wallet app we had built for Telenor, Hungary’s second largest carrier. Telenor Wallet at the time was already breaking ground by offering banking functions besides payments. We have not been sitting idly, though: since the launch of the service we have added new useful functions, such as parking and lottery ticket purchases.

Telenor Wallet with MasterPass - splash screenA little more than a year later, the service has reached a new milestone. This Tuesday Telenor Hungary and MasterCard jointly announced that Telenor Wallet had become the world’s first mobile carrier-owned wallet to integrate MasterPass functionality. As the developer of the mobile wallet solution and an official MasterPass partner, Cellum is extremely proud to have played a crucial role in making this happen.

Our regular readers may remember back in 2014 we gave Europe a master class in MasterPass when we announced the launch of OTPay, Europe’s first MasterPass enabled mobile wallet. Since then, we have enrolled over 160 online merchants in the service, who cover most of Hungary’s e-commerce volume.

Telenor Wallet, which comes in the form of a free app for Android and iOS, now joins this ecosystem, immediately gaining access to all these merchants in Hungary, as well as several hundred thousand merchants worldwide that have joined the MasterPass global acceptance network. Users can now pay online using their smartphones wherever they see the “Buy with MasterPass” logo, without having to enter detailed payment information each time.

To enroll in the service, users simply need to go through a one-time registration process and add a MasterCard, VISA or AmEx card issued by any bank to Telenor Wallet. MasterPass eliminates the need to enter detailed payment information for every purchase; instead, users can simply enter their phone number on the checkout page and the payment request is pushed to their phone. Each transaction is protected by a personal password, and no payment card data is stored on the phone.

We are pleased to announce that Telenor is the first mobile network operator in the world to launch a MasterPass enabled wallet,” said Telenor’s Chief Digital Services Officer Aleksandra Banovic. “A recent study reveals that at the end of last year the number of online shoppers was more than 2.3 million in Hungary, which represents 41% of those who use the Internet on a daily basis. The Wallet application has been downloaded on over 250,000 smartphones, which makes it the most popular mobile wallet in Hungary,” she added.

We’re in the midst of a global transformation as people are moving from the offline and disconnected world. This is the digital story of our time: everyone and everything is becoming connected. And this connectivity is transforming the way consumers interact….and now transact. We are very proud that Telenor, who is a pioneer in this field, has decided to expand its services with MasterPass, a unique solution that will make shopping even more secure, easier and faster for its customers,” commented Endre Eölyüs, Country Manager for Hungary and Slovenia at MasterCard.