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“On-the-go” QR-based mobile commerce a go-to solution for modern retailers

The desire by some retailers to let their customers quickly and easily buy their products anywhere, anytime has led some to adopt technologies so cutting-edge that many consumers might not even believe they are real. Take, for example, Amazon’s “Dash” buttons, the tiny and inexpensive Wi-Fi and Bluetooth-enabled devices which allow users to quickly order a single consumer product (e.g. a specific brand of dishwashing detergent) when activated.

Of course, not every retailer is Amazon, which has the resources and brand weight necessary to give something like the Dash Button a go. But there are other, more easily adopted and already-tested tech solutions that allow consumers to make “on-the-go” purchases in ways that can build ever-closer relationships with retailers. A key one is QR-based mobile commerce.

People like to talk down QR codes, but as we’ve pointed out before, they are a technology that is easier to make fun of than to effectively dismiss. And if employed in more imaginative ways than simply leading a consumer to a promotional webpage, they can offer retailers a brilliant method of driving sales and cementing customer loyalty.

The most compelling such solution involves the use of QR codes in conjunction with a branded app that allows consumers to quickly scan a code and then immediately and securely purchase the item directly on their mobile device. The code might be on a sales circular, a poster, or as with “Dash” it can be printed on a magnet or sticker that is placed where an often-ordered product is used, such as a washing machine or refrigerator.

Cellum m-commerce with fridge magnets

While this might at first seem like a roundabout way for consumers to buy products, it isn’t at all. First of all, with an m-commerce app like those powered by Cellum’s technology, there is no need for third-party apps to scan the codes, as the app has a built-in scanner. So all the user needs to do is quickly scan the QR code for each item he or she wants, tap “Buy now,” select a delivery time and approve the transaction using their mobile PIN (mPIN). Indeed, so quick and convenient can the process be that it isn’t a stretch to assume that someday shoppers will be initiating such purchases inside retailers’ physical locations, to avoid checkout lines.

To be sure, not every customer or market is ready for such an approach. But creative retailers around the world are already using QR-driven mobile shopping solutions to let their customers purchase goods on the fly, from China to Korea to Hungary to Singapore.

If your firm is a retailer aiming to give your customers an extra reason to shop with you, drop us a line and we will tell you how the combination of a branded m-commerce app and QR codes might work to your benefit. It’s as easy as pushing a button.