Lottery a winning use case for mobile wallets [VIDEO]

When a mobile network operator or financial institution releases a branded mobile wallet to the public, a key question is always what features to include that will actually prove useful and enticing to relevant consumers. One potentially overlooked capability is the ability to select and purchase lottery tickets and associated products.

The above video offers a quick look at the lottery function built into Telenor Wallet, the feature-rich mobile wallet Cellum developed for the Norwegian telecoms giant’s Hungarian unit. In addition to giving users the opportunity to remotely purchase lottery tickets, it offers a novel “shake to auto-fill” function that lets them generate a selection of random numbers with a single hand motion.

Of course, the lottery feature is relatively small change compared to the comprehensive suite of financial functions and other capabilities built into Telenor Wallet and similar mobile wallets developed by Cellum for clients around the globe. But when offered alongside these “core” features it can be yet another thing that makes a mobile wallet a big winner with customers.