Cellum brings bespoke wallet solutions to POS operators [VIDEO]

Last month we published a short video highlighting a potentially-overlooked feature – the ability to select and purchase lottery tickets and associated products – that mobile network operators and financial institutions can integrate into their branded mobile wallets.

Today’s video demonstration puts the spotlight on a different set of features Cellum has developed for a different customer group: point-of-sale operators. The QCard solution, which recently debuted with Laurel, a point-of-sale solutions provider in Cellum’s home market of Hungary, integrates with POS devices and helps consumers speed up checkout, and also offers a unique system of fixed-value “cash coupons” that can be created on the fly, by both users and third parties.

As with the lottery feature the capabilities demonstrated above only offer a hint of what Cellum can do for POS operators, merchants and others. For information on what else our mobile wallet solutions can offer, click here.