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Mobile payment news & views, May 27 – June 16

Welcome to the latest installment of our regular look at the top news and views from the world of mobile payments, with items selected because of unique content, or because their source makes them notable. For more headlines and insights on the industry follow us on Twitter @cellum_group.

  • UOB to lift NFC mobile payment limit in Singapore [NFC World, May 30]
  • Google Strives to Make Its Mobile Payment Process Seamless [Marketing Realist, May 31]
  • Visa made an NFC mobile payment ring for Olympic athletes in Rio [TechCrunch, June 2]
  • Apple Pay struggling outside of US [Beta News, June 3]
  • Samsung Pay Arrives In Europe With Launch Of Mobile Payment Service In Spain [Tech Times, June 4]
  • Why Is Chick-fil-A’s App Number One in the App Store? [The Atlantic, June 4]
  • Tencent pushing mobile payments in Japan [Nikkei Asia Review, June 7]
  • CurrentC mobile-payment pilot ends [Computerworld, June 8]
  • Wendy’s malware problems may be much bigger than originally thought [Mobile Payments Today, June 10]
  • Samsung Pay is about to launch in its fifth country [Android Authority, June 10]
  • Survey: Android Pay Tops List of Mobile Payment Apps Among U.S. Consumers [Social Times, June 13]
  • Apple Pay Introduces Long-Awaited Option for Websites [Bloomberg Technology, June 13]
  • What’s hot in European payments & fintech [Payment Eye, June 14]
  • Windows 10 Mobile is getting its own Tap to Pay feature [SlashGear, June 15]
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