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Cellum’s Plug&Pay moving into mobile payment SDK spotlight


Like many forward-looking solutions providers, Cellum was cautious in opening its “gates” for the first time to third-party developers. So for a year after the formal launch of Plug&Pay we have been focusing on providing maximum quality assurance to a limited number of outside developers, carefully listening to their feedback and using it to further improve the technology we have used to power cutting-edge mobile wallets for banks, MNOs and merchants around the world.

We are very happy to say that after a number of successful implementations, Plug&Pay is available to the public. But what exactly is it?

Plug&Pay is our partner program that gives access to the same components that we use to build our wallets, allowing in-house teams to expand their own apps with secure mobile payment use cases. This way, outside firms can enjoy the benefits of Cellum’s ultra-secure and frictionless payment system, along with processing in a range of international currencies via our range of acquiring partners.

We offer a turnkey solution for teams that want to expand their own apps with secure, multi-currency mobile payment capabilities.

Included in the Plug&Pay program are:

  • SDK, documentation and a sample app
  • A secure card vault featuring a PCI DSS 3.1 audited back-end
  • A test environment allowing partners to test their implementations before going live

To sign up or find out more, visit the Plug&Pay program page, or send an email to sales@cellum.com and a member of the Plug&Pay team will contact you to answer any questions.