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Let’s Talk A Bit About Bitcoin

Over the years, we have shared our thoughts and insights on a myriad of topics concerning mobile payments (and, occasionally, beyond). Indeed, ours is such a diverse industry, one can talk (or blog) about it endlessly. There is, however, one topic we have avoided so far, and it is perhaps the most controversial of all: Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is possibly the most discussed, yet least understood segment of mobile payments that has managed to garner public attention, not least due to its popularity among cybercriminals. Even industry insiders are deeply divided on whether Bitcoin is the greatest thing since sliced bread or just a 21st-century Ponzi scheme bound to come crashing down sooner or later. Although mainstream opinion seems to have shifted recently in favor of the digital currency, we don’t expect the debate to be settled any time soon.

Nonetheless, whatever one’s stance on Bitcoin as a viable currency may be, it does have a very interesting history. The good people at BitcoinPlay have compiled a nice infographic that helps establish a context for the whole conversation, wich we are happy to share here for your viewing pleasure.

58 Insane Facts About Bitcoin

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