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2018 Telkom Hackathon winner Gifood

The goal of any technology should be to solve problems. We don’t just write code for code’s sake – we are looking for ways to make life better for people. In the case of Cellum, this principle has been guiding us from the day of our inception, through the time we launched the SMS-based parking and toll payment solution that is still in use in Hungary today, and the introduction of our first smartphone-based  mobile wallet in 2011, all the way to the present. We believe this is the right approach and we are always happy to meet others who think alike.

That is why it was such an honor for us to team up with Telkom Indonesia and sponsor the 2018 Telkom Hackathon in Bandung, a high-profile digital business application development competition, covering e-commerce, fintech and e-logistics, utilizing the various APIs of Telkom’s digital platforms. The hackathon, which has been held every year since 2015, aims to promote digital entrepreneurship among younger generations and attract the best talent Indonesia has to offer. In addition to receiving a grand cash prize from Telkom, Cellum has offered the winner a trip to Budapest – one of the coolest and most fun cities in Europe and the capital city of our home country of Hungary – for the purpose of conducting comparative studies.

The 2018 winner was Gifood, who offer a solution that connects the owners of excess food with those who need food. The team was picked from 20 finalists by the jury. So congratulations Gifood – we are truly happy for you guys and are looking forward to meeting you soon in Budapest!