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Cellum brings Internet of Things support to SIM management platform

Cellum today announced new upgrades to its SIM management platform for mobile network operators, enabling them to service “Internet of Things” devices regardless of the manufacturer.

A number of telecommunications companies have been using Cellum’s “over-the-air” (OTA) solution to manage their customers’ SIM cards since 2002. The current version of the platform already supports a number of key technologies, such as remote application management, virtual SIMs and encryption algorithms for secure mobile payments. The upgraded version will also for the first time support communications with Internet of Things (IoT) enabled devices.

OTA technology allows mobile network operators to remotely manage devices and SIM cards and deploy applications wirelessly, saving consumers the hassle of having to visit a customer service location to activate certain services. This is done normally using “push” communication, i.e. the platform maintains a constant connection and pushes data to the device. However, IoT devices communicate differently, as they only establish connection upon certain events and then “pull” data from the server. Cellum’s enhanced platform will meet these special requirements and will comply with GlobalPlatform’s “Remote Application Management over HTTP” specification. Thanks to the upgrade, Cellum’s telco customers will be able to service IoT devices over their networks.

The Internet of Things is a rapidly emerging area of technology. We are happy to see that our telecom customers are interested in this space, and we are committed to satisfying their changing needs,” said Cellum CEO János Kóka. “Our OTA platform is used by well-established brands like Magyar Telekom and Telenor, we are proud to have an almost two-decade long partnership with them,” he added.