Don’t miss out on your vignette in January!

Did you know that you can still buy your highway vignette through Erste’s and Telenor’s mobile wallet app – developed by Cellum – by the end of January? You still have time to get it!

Have you ever made a mistake by mistyping your number plate in a text message? Well, by using the wallet there is less chance of making a mistake when typing out your number plate, since your number has already been registered in the app and was used properly in the past.

How does it work?

Create your car’s profile – in case you haven’t done it before. Name your car, add its number plate, parking and toll category – e.g. private-passenger car, D1.

Choose what type of vignette you would like to purchase (weekly, monthly, annual). Finally press “Buy” button and your purchase will be done.

Don’t hesitate, download one of these mobile apps and get your vignette now, easily and safely!