Erste MobilePay (Case Study)


Erste Bank launched their app called Erste MobilePay 5 years ago in Hungary. Since then, it has undergone a complete overhaul becoming faster, simpler and easier to use. Erste MobilePay was the first Hungarian mobile wallet app with a GPS-based parking function and money transfer developed by Cellum.

Year by year the app has developed thanks to Cellum’s keen engineers, and new types of functions have been added such as loyalty card storage and Personal Finance Management. Moreover, Erste’s customers can pay for their bills, parking, highway vignette, phone top up and money transfers. In May 2019, Erste MobilePay has been enriched with a brand-new function: contactless (NFC) payment. With Cellum’s unique technology Erste MobilePay with Android smart phones can be used in stores as a debit card at any vendor equipped with contactless POS terminals, by using the new NFC feature of the application.

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